Beautiful landscape designs are only as good as the ability of the installation team  responsible for bring them to life.  At W Landscapes, our craftsmen have been carefully chosen and trained for a number of years so they are able to meet the exacting standards that our discerning clientele and detailed, intricate designs demand.  Some members of our production team have been with our company for over 15 years while our newest craftsmen have been with us over 5 years.

Since our philosophy for design is to bring to life your vision, our craftsmen need to have the flexibility and knowledge to work with a wide and diverse range of materials, products and plants.  Our crews are trained to understand the whole landscape scenario, not just single elements.  They all believe that the details throughout the entire project, not just one or two elements, truly bring to life your new landscape.  This attention to detail separates our craftsmen from the masses, allows are designers to shine and in the end, will create beautiful and breath-taking outdoor spaces for you to enjoy throughout the years to come.